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At SMARTCORRTM, an excellent customer experience is what motivates us to  think smarter and perform better.

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Project Execution

From the beginning till the commissioning and start up of the project, our team will define, design, manufacturing, install and commission the corrosion monitoring systems and help customer to chose the optimal design for their process to optimize safety, reliability, operability and long term cost of ownership. 

We will continue to provide technical support by our technical service team remotely on the phone or email, on site if necessary.

Project Execution Stages:

  1. Define
  2. Design Engineering
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Installation and Commissioning

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Technical Service


SMARTCORRSM technical service team has comprehensive knowledge on all mechanical, electronic, software and data system equipment. The team has practical field experience which is essential when customers need our team to solve time pressing issues, whether in the field or at your desk we are here to answer your questions. 

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With our global presence, we are able to provide regional support and knowledge so that we can help you address your challenges in a timely fashion.

Toll Free: +1-877-968-9688

Corrosion Management Consulting

Corrosion Management

Corrosion management is the over all management system that governs the framework of managing the corrosion related matters to ensure safe and reliable operation of the facilities. Two major specified activities are CDM(corrosion design memorandum) and CMP(corrosion management plan). They can be distinguished by different stages in facility life time. For new facility, CDM shall be developed as early as in conceptual design stage and continuously reviewed until the construction stage. CMP shall be developed as early as in construction stage and implemented throughout the operation stage continuously and systematically. For existing facility with no CMP implementation, CMP shall be developed and implemented. 

Data Analysis and Management

Data analysis carried out by our specialists is instrumental in safe operation of the plant. The data generated by the hardware and software system with proper interpretation and filter is an indicator of the condition of the plant, customers can make critical decisions based on scientific data analysis.  Current chemical injection performance can be evaluated for adjustments. Customers can take proactive actions to address potential safety and reliability issues based on the data analysis through the probes and coupons across the plant. Data management report will be issued based on the frequency set point and will predict life expectancy and rates of metal loss, and provide a set of comprehensive recommendation for the plant maintenance team to make critical decisions such as preventative maintenance or replacement. 

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Training Solutions

Training Solutions

SMARTCORRSM team is dedicated to provide clear cut knowledge and support to our customers and communities. We also collaborate with the world recognized organizations and certification bodies to provide comprehensive training in all the areas to equip your people with the knowledge, know-how, skills and competencies to contribute to a greater success of the key stakeholders.

Certificate Programs
  • HSE training
  • Corrosion Management Training
  • Oil and Gas technology Training
  • Project Management Training
  • Finance Training
  • Professional Training


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